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About Us
First written by Tom Oliver in September 2003. Updated in October 2009.

People are always confused about what the JustRacin group is exactly. They usually assume it is just a league. Most of the technical details like the league nights, invites nights, etc. are covered in the FAQ, but in order to truly understand what JustRacin is you need to know the know the history of the group. Since history is always based on the individual, I'll write it from my point of view, but everyone might have a little different take on our history.

How We Started (1997/98)
The group has been together since even before I got here actually. I'm a little foggy on the history before I showed up but I became a member on TEN. Winwalkr (Curt) used to have these invite races where he would pick guys to join his races. We called them the WinVites. Well he turned out to be Curt's wife Mary who actually ran most of the organization. Curt just raced, really. In addition to the invite races they ran a league called SARC that ran the cup schedule on Tuesday and Thursday. The races ran late, usually going to qualifying at about 10pst because most of the group was based on the west coast.

Why We Are Different
The races were so much better than anything I had run before that time that I basically quit everything else I was running so I could run with this group fulltime. Mary had two awesome rules that are the foundation of this group that we still use today. Respect the other drivers and no flaming.

In the drivers meetings she never said anything about speed or slow cars or anything you saw in other meetings. It was all about respect for other drivers. Respecting others is just something you either do or don't do and if you don't do it you will have trouble with this group. It is a completely different way of approaching a race from most other leagues. We still race hard here and it is very competitive, but you'll see a lot more give and take than you will in most leagues.

Different people would join the races from time to time, and I think just about everyone who was good on TEN joined a Winvite at one point or another, but a core group developed out the invites and the league races. That core group ran pretty much only together and not in many other leagues. As a result, the core group got to be pretty good friends.

After Ten and the Start of JustRacin (1999)
When TEN died and NASCAR Racing 3 shipped most groups or leagues gave up, but this group could not accept not racing together every night. We first tried to transition to DSL hosts on Dan Epp and Tom Wigent's lines, but that just didn't work for the kind of fields we needed to support. So I built a server and by getting donations from the group we set it up at an ISP site in Oregon. It was all Bill Bollinger's idea and if that didn't happen I'm not sure the group would still be around today.

Until that time we were still calling the league races SARC and the invites the Winvites. In fact the server name was called the WINviteSVR. But Curt and Mary were not around much so we came up with the name JustRacin. We wanted a name that didn't have someone's name involved and that we could use for both the leagues and the Invites. When putting together the server every time I hit a roadblock I'd say, "but we just wanna race", so JustRacin was born.

We ran the N3 season that way with the leagues named the JustRacin League (JRL) and the invites called the JustRacin Invites. Tim Doyle ran our leagues in N3.

NASCAR Racing 4 (2001)
When N4 shipped we decided to build a new server and move it to Exodus in California. Tom Robbio took over running the leagues because Tim was unable to run them.

One of things we discovered is a lot of people quit running online and a lot of leagues shut down or scaled back during the N3 days. We never did that here and in fact grew a lot during that time. We also discovered the group really matured and went from average to novice drivers to intermediate to advanced drivers. It was pretty cool to "grow up" as a group and that is one of the reasons why the group is pretty tight today.

NASCAR Racing 2002/2003
The group continued to grow until the end of the life of N2003 even with the arrival of other leagues like VRW, DMP, and OLR, but eventually a lot of us moved on. First I left the administration group and then Tom Robbio left. Thankfully other people like Jason Fellenbaum, Bill Dorsey, Scott Latimer, and Stu Vitue keep the group running. Jason took over running the leagues. Eventually even they couldn’t keep it going anymore however. N2003 was just getting too old and there was no other real simulation like Papyrus simulations to satisfy most of the group. We still kept in contact however via our newsgroup and forum and found other things like Battlefield, online poker, or fantasy sports to play.

iRacing (2005)
While no one ever posted about it in our forum many of us were beta testing iRacing during their early development. We lobbied heavily for leagues and finally got them via their hosted service in November of 2009. Long time, but we are finally back together.

Who We Are
I used to have a list of administrators here but there are so many now it's really not relevant. If you see an active member of the group, who gets a lot of respect from others, they are probably part of the admin group. The following however are the main people who make it work as of today:

Tom Robbio and Jason Fellenbaum run the leagues.
Bill Dorsey runs the web sites/forum/scoring, etc.
Scott Latimer owns officiating.
They call me the PR guy. Technically I own running the invites and mostly recruiting/signups. I also post too much in the forum.

I could probably go on for days about guys who helped, or people who did stuff before now, but this is the main group we use presently I think and this is already too long. Sorry if I missed you.

ButtKicker is the proud sponsor of the JustRacin Racing Series.
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